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The ImagineXperience

Destination Imagination and Lumen Technologies have partnered and bring ImagineX a STEM learning challenge program for underserved students. The Challenge is designed for students who don't have access to learner-centered experiences like Destination Imagination due to economic and other barriers. This project is being supported by Lumen Technology.

Teams will receive all the material when they sign up for the program. Teams can do the project in the classroom or as part of an after school program.

This Challenge can be completed by students of all ages — allowing them to explore robotics, artificial intelligence, video production, acting, world history, and storytelling as they create their solution. The Challenge is learner-centered so students can pursue topics of interests and personal strengths. They will learn how to work with a team, manage a project, and use the creative process

  • Each Team Leader will receive a Team Leader Guide that will help walk the team through the Challenge. Team Leaders will have access to online training, direct email assistance, and a question and answer webinar.
  • The projects will be evaluated by Lumen technical employees. They will give comments and ratings (superior, excellent, good, etc). This is not a competition, so no one will come in last! Some teams may receive special awards and additional prizes for exceptional solutions.
  • The project solution will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. No travel will be required.

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How will you inspire your students in 2021?

2020 was a year of uncertainty and challenging new normal. But now 2021 is here and we have an opportunity to make our children’s education a top priority. Whether you’re an educator or a parent, you want your students to thrive.

Every student deserves great learning opportunities.

You are dedicated to implementing engaging educational experiences that prepare students for the future of work and we know that it can be challenging to present meaningful educational programming for students that live in underserved communities.

With more than 20 years of experience creating project-based learning opportunities for students, Destination Imagination (DI) has reached over a million students in more than 30 countries. Lumen Technologies has a history of supporting projects that bring cutting edge STEM education opportunities to students and educators. That’s why Destination Imagination and Lumen have teamed up to create a brand-new digital challenge program called The imagineXperience.

What is this digital challenge experience?

Over 4-6 weeks, adult team leaders will work with teams of students virtually or in-person to produce an edutainment video that will push the boundaries of their creativity while sparking their interest in STEM fields. Learn more about the challenge specifics, challenge-solving process and team experience here.

Teams that submit their challenge solutions will have them reviewed by Lumen’s international network of qualified professionals and will receive expert feedback. Exceptional solutions will be recognized with special awards and prizes.

When and where does this challenge experience happen?

Teams can solve the challenge in-person or virtually. The challenge was designed for schools, educational groups and after-school clubs around the world. Qualified teams will have access to the challenge materials and training starting February 16, 2021. Team solutions must be submitted by May 10, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. Lumen’s professionals will review solutions and provide expert feedback to teams by June 7-14, 2021 and special awards will be announced at that time as well.


destination Imagination

Step 1

Fill out our registration form. Each team must have five to seven K-12 students living in underserved communities.

destination Imagination

Step 2

Team leaders review the challenge and attend our online training.

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Step 3

Team leaders work with their team(s) to solve the challenge and submit their solutions(s)

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Step 4

Receive feedback from Lumen’s international network of qualified professionals, celebrate your team’s success and find out if your team wins a special award or prize

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