Our Vision & Mission

To inspire and equip youth to imagine and innovate through the creative process.

Ignite the power of ALL youth to be the creative and collaborative innovators of tomorrow.


Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination (DI) is an exceptional educational organization that prepares students for a rapidly evolving future. Through project-based learning, students engage with the creative process across seven dynamic STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) Challenges. This unique approach equips students with skills vital for success in academics, careers, and beyond.

Our teams participated in 40+ workshops, trade pins, meet teams from 15+ countries, and attended 10+ events at Global Finals.

The DI Challenge Experience:

At the core of DI lies the student-driven experience. Throughout the academic year, students collaborate in teams to brainstorm ideas, research various topics, develop innovative solutions, and present them at local tournaments. Exceptional teams progress to the global stage at Global Finals, where they showcase their remarkable projects.

Building Essential Skills:

DI offers a holistic educational experience focusing on life and employability skills. Today's world demands skills that transcend mere content knowledge. With our approved 40-hour DI curriculum, teams select one of six available challenges, exploring, problem-solving, and presenting at national tournaments alongside like-minded peers. The DI Experience fosters collaboration, project management, cross-curricular understanding, creative problem-solving, and personal and team growth.

DI Challenges take on two distinct formats: Team Challenges and Instant Challenges


Each team selects one new and engaging Team Challenge requiring a solution that will be presented at the tournament. Team Challenges encourage students to explore their passions, discover their unique talents and abilities, and learn new skills. Team Challenges are available each year in the following categories: Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Engineering, Service Learning, and Early Learning. Although each Team Challenge has a specific educational focus, they each also incorporate elements to make them truly multi-disciplinary and cross-curricular (i.e., the Fine Arts Challenge will have a technical element and the Engineering Challenge will have an artistic or storytelling component.)


Instant Challenges are quick creative and critical-thinking exercises that build teamwork and reinforce problem-solving skills like rapid ideation and implementation. Instant Challenges can be task-based, performance-based, or a combination of both. All teams practice Instant Challenges during the year and are given one at the tournament.



Each May, Destination Imagination’s top-tiered teams from around the world gather in Kansas City, Missouri, to participate in Global Finals—the world’s largest celebration of creativity. Check out some of the highlights on our YouTube channel.

Our teams have proudly represented Pakistan at Global Finals, a global celebration of creativity, in-person in 2018 and 2022, and virtually in 2020 and 2021. Witnessing the Pakistani flag at the parade and hearing our national anthem at the welcome ceremony was truly heartwarming. Teams engaged in 40+ workshops, exchanged trade pins, connected with peers from 15+ countries, and participated in over 10 events. Discover more about Global Finals.


Guess What?

We've got another exciting opportunity lined up. This time, the International Invitationals are happening in Turkey and Poland.
And here's the cool part: Your team can directly take part in these thrilling competitions.

Our Pakistani teams totally rocked at the Destination Imagination International Invitational in Dubai 2023. They clinched the first spot in their categories!

Upcoming Events

Event City Date
Turkey Antalya 22nd - 25th Febuary, 2024
Poland Wroclaw 11th - 13th March, 2024